Farm Safety Rebate Scheme - the program is now closed to new applications

The Farm Safety Rebate Scheme is now fully subscribed, and the program is currently closed to new applications.

Applications submitted since the program was launched on 25 February 2021 are being processed in date order, and only activities undertaken since the commencement of the program are eligible for assistance.

Due to the high volume of applications received, it will take several weeks to process existing applications.

Rural Finance will contact existing applicants directly to advise eligibility and if funds are available.

For further updates about this program, please refer to this web page.


The Victorian Government (through Agriculture Victoria) has provided an opportunity to improve safety outcomes on farms with the establishment of the Farm Safety Rebate Scheme.

Rebates of up to $5,000 excluding GST are available with at least 50% co-contribution to assist eligible farm businesses within Victoria to invest in infrastructure and equipment to improve safety for farming families, workers and visitors to Victorian farms.

Only one rebate payment is permitted, and all eligible claims must be included on your Application Form.

The Scheme is a key component of Smarter, Safer Farms, a $20 million Victorian Government commitment to improve safety and skills outcomes for Victorian farmers. Funding for the Scheme is provided from the Agriculture Infrastructure and Jobs Fund. One of the aims of this fund is to strengthen the resilience of the agriculture sector.

The availability of rebates is subject to funds being available. No rebates will be offered beyond the allocated total Victorian Government funding of $3 million (ex GST).



How does the Farm Safety Rebate Scheme work?

  • Rebates of up to $5,000 excluding GST are available to eligible farm businesses to improve safety.
  • Each farm business can only apply once for a rebate. A rebate can only be applied once on a farm property for the life of the Scheme.
  • Rebates will require at least 50 per cent cash co-contribution.
  • All eligible projects must be purchased and installed on or after the commencement date of this Scheme.
  • The Scheme is available to eligible farm businesses throughout the state of Victoria. 

Eligibility Criteria

In order to apply, applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Be the owner, operator, share farmer or lease holder of a farm business:
    • carried out on land in Victoria;
    • located where the Project will be installed,
    • which is focused on ‘Primary Production’ (as defined in the Program Guidelines),
    • hold an Australian Business Number (ABN);
    • which is registered for GST.

An applicant who operates more than one farm business or who has more than one farm property may only apply for one rebate.

Projects that have already received (or are approved to receive) funding from another Victorian Government source will be ineligible for funding under this Scheme.

Please review the eligibility criteria in the Program Guidelines before you apply.

How does an eligible farm business apply?

Complete the Farm Safety Rebate Scheme Application Form with the following:

  1. Proof of Property Location: Copy of latest Council Rates that identifies your farm property address. Or Lease documentation or Share-farming contract.
  2. Proof of Proposed Expenditure: To receive “In-Principle” approval to complete the proposed work within 3 months, please submit quotes from a registered supplier or evidence of item price e.g.  screenshot of advertised price.
  3. Evidence of Payment & Photos (once the work has been completed) i.e. paid tax invoices, receipts or bank statements identifying payment for eligible works.

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities include the following (for a complete list please refer to the Farm Safety Rebate Scheme Guidelines):

  • Child safety fencing and installation costs to create safe on-farm play areas
  • Safety and warning signs; e.g. children at play, traffic management, speed limits, overhead powerlines, chemical hazard, deep water, water not for drinking, steep descent, hearing protection must be worn etc.
  • Animal handling equipment; sheep handling systems, cattle crush etc.
  • Animal management; loading ramps, man-gates, access platforms, roofed sheep races
  • Chemical hazards; dedicated chemical storage sheds (AS2507), spill washdown and shower facilities, eye wash station etc.
  • Upgrade of shearing, dairy or machinery shed electrics to install safety switches or improve power systems and lighting
  • Emergency shut off switches for existing machinery and equipment
  • Retrofit back brace hanging points in shearing sheds
  • Reversing camera on farm tractors and vehicles
  • Retrofit of seatbelts, seatbelt warning lights, deadman switches etc.
  • Retrofit of guarding on machinery and plant where guards did not previously exist.

All funded projects must comply with Australian Standards (including installation) where required by regulation. Installations must comply with the manufacturer’s instructions and use licensed tradesmen when required by legislation, council regulation or the manufacturer’s instructions. This is the responsibility of the farm business.

Scheme eligibility criteria can be found in the Farm Safety Rebate Scheme Guidelines.

If you have any further questions, please contact Rural Finance on 1800 260 425.


Victorian Government Support

For more information about this and other support being provided for farmers by the Victorian Government, contact Agriculture Victoria on 136 186 or visit

For general advice relating to farm safety, please contact WorkSafe Victoria or the Victorian Farmers Federation:

WorkSafe Agriculture Safety Information


Telephone: 1800 136 089


WorkSafe OHS Essentials Program

WorkSafe Victoria's OHS Essentials is a free workplace safety consultation service, delivered by independent occupational health and safety (OHS) experts. The service is a great way to receive free, independent and personalised advice to manage safety at your workplace.



Victorian Farmers Federation

Free assistance is now available to all Victorian Farmers to help you establish a simple safety process for your farm. 

Telephone: 1300 882 833



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