Overdraft Facility

Agcess is our overdraft facility that gives you access to funds 24 hours a day and offers a solution for your day-to-day trading requirements.

No matter where you are, an Agcess account lets you withdraw cash, make purchases and pay bills via a Visa debit card, cheque or online.

Your monthly statement provides you with a record of all your transactions, making it easier to manage your account keeping. You can also make arrangements for your accountant to receive your account information via BankLink thereby saving time and money.

Online Banking Services

Online Banking Services are provided free to Rural Finance clients.

You can view your loan balances and transactions online at any time and download your Agcess Facility transactions using the Rural Finance Online Services website.

You can also download your transactions from your Agcess Facility to MYOB, Quicken or a spreadsheet.

Bills can be paid online via BPAY® while the Pay Anyone facility allows you to make payments to other parties.

Register to use Online Banking Services here.

Transaction feeds to accounting software

Rural Finance is authorised to provide automatic transaction data feeds directly into MYOB BankLink and Xero online accounting software packages thereby saving customers and/or their accountants time and money as well as making reconciliation easier.

For more information on BankLink, click here. To set up Banklink, please complete the BankLink Authority Form.

For more information on Xero, click here. To set up a Rural Finance feed with Xero, click here.

Sweep Payments

For your convenience, your Rural Finance loan repayments can be paid directly from your Agcess Facility.

Agcess Visa Card

The Agcess Visa Card is a debit card that provides you with access to your Agcess Facility with an unlimited number of transactions each month. Your Agcess Visa Card can be used to make purchases by mail order, telephone, internet or establish direct debits. It also provides you with access to cash, either over the counter via EFTPOS or with no direct charge fees when you withdraw cash at any rediATM.  In addition, your Agcess Visa Card can be used at any ATM displaying the Visa logo in Australia or worldwide.

You can have multiple Agcess Visa Cards linked to your Agcess Facility for one low annual card charge.

Regular Payments from your Agcess Visa Card

What is a ‘Regular’ Payment?

Regular payments can be either a recurring payment or an instalment payment. A Regular Payment represents an agreement between you (the cardholder) and a merchant in which you preauthorise the merchant to bill your Agcess Visa Card at predetermined intervals (e.g. monthly or quarterly) or at intervals as agreed by you. The amount may differ or be the same for each transaction. For example: You may ask your insurance agency to charge your monthly instalment to your debit card each month Or, you may request to have your telephone bill paid each month.

What are the benefits of Regular Payments?

There are many benefits for cardholders who set up regular payments including:

  1. Ensures timely payments to the merchant
  2. Saves you time as the payment is processed automatically
  3. Saves you money as you do not have to pay for cheques, money transfers or postage, nor will you be liable for late fees.

Customer Responsibilities & Obligations

Regular payment arrangements are an agreement between you (the cardholder) and the merchant. You should keep a record of all regular payment arrangements you have established with your merchant and store in a safe place. Click here for a template for recording your regular payment arrangements.

You are responsible for notifying the merchant when your account details change, including a change in card number and/or change of card expiry date. Until you notify the merchant, your bank is required to process transactions from the merchant. Click here to generate a Change in account details letter to your merchant. We recommend you keep a copy of any Change in account details letter sent to your merchant and your earlier regular payment agreements. This correspondence will be required when your merchant does not comply to your request in a timely manner and you decide to dispute any incorrectly charged regular payments.

Customer Rights to Dispute

Any issues with your regular payments, including the failure of the merchant to act on a change in account details advice, should be taken up directly with your merchant first. Should further assistance be required to resolve an issue between yourself and a merchant, contact Rural Finance for more information.

Using your Agcess Visa Card overseas

Your Agcess Visa Card may be used 24 hours a day in Australia or overseas at any EFTPOS or ATM displaying the Visa logo. IMPORTANT: If you are planning to use your Agcess Visa Card overseas, please notify your local Rural Finance office prior to departure.

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