Important: Online Fraud and Scams

Rural Finance does not request you to confirm, update or disclose your confidential information via emails or telephone. If you receive a scam email (also known as ‘phishing’) or telephone call please notify Rural Finance .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or phone 1300 796 101 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm). Where possible please forward the entire scam email as an attachment. Please do not respond to any email or telephone requesting your personal banking details.

Tips for Internet Protection

In addition to the security that Rural Finance has put in place to ensure that your personal details are safe there are actions that you, the user, should take to make sure your computer is protected. The following measures will minimise the risk of virus-launched attacks or unauthorised access (hacking):

1. Anti-virus software is designed to protect you and your computer against known viruses.

Being protected means:

  • You have virus protection on your computer;
  • The virus protection software checks for new virus definition updates on a regular (daily) basis;
  • The virus protection software checks all the files on your computer periodically i.e. weekly.

2. A Firewall is a device or software that enhances Internet protection by creating a protective barrier between your computer and the outside world (hence the name Firewall).

It works to either block or permit Internet traffic to and from your computer. You can use the Firewall to protect your computer and any personal information

The Rural Finance Online Services website makes use of the latest encryption technologies to address risks associated with phishing emails and related websites. Please look for the Green address bar (see image below) when utilising Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, all of which support Extended Validation SSL Certificates. For more information click here.